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Sightseeing In America - The Center Of The Universe
Sightseeing In America - Sightseeing In America articles
Sightseeing In America - Sightseeing In America articles

The Center Of The Universe

The Center of the Universe

There are so many wonderful destinations to take in the great sights and historic scenes across this great nation of America that sometimes its hard to say which one is a must see more than any other. But if there could be a center of the universe for seeing history right in front of your eyes, it would have to be Washington D. C.

Washington is such a phenomenal experience for a visitor that you literally have to plan for many days of exploration and still not see all that lies within just a few miles of each other. One of the really outstanding developments that the planners of Washington prepared for its visitors is that the city has one of the best subway systems in the world. IT is called The Metro and you can quite literally get to the city center quickly and cheaply from virtually anywhere in the Washington area.

Washington was built from its inception to be a city that was for the people of America. When you walk the Mall or gaze on the many memorials all around the city, it is more than just a wonderful vacation spot, there is a holiness and a reverence that comes over you because the city is built to give honor to the great heroes of this country and to reflect the quiet dignity and grace that is part of the history of this country.

You can plan an entire day or many days just walking the many paths around the mall area taking in the dozens of statues that are there to honor the great figures of history of this country. That alone is an art tour worthy of the price of your trip to Washington. But mixed in with those wonderful statues are memorials to the fallen in the many wars of our country that will bring tears to your eyes and inspire you at the sacrifice America's young soldiers across the centuries have given to keep this country strong and free.

In the center of the beautiful Washington Mall area is the majestic Washington Monument. This huge spire is literally impossible not to see for miles around as it stands tall among the many buildings around it proclaiming the pride we Americans feel in our country and its history. You can take a trip to the top of that slender structure if you have the time and get the view of a lifetime. And from that amazing view you can see the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Pentagon and all of the other buildings that house the seat of government for the greatest nation on earth. Take a moment and reflect that you are looking at buildings that house a government that determines the fate not only of all Americans but influences world history all around the globe.

There is so much to see and do in Washington that you will get worn out before you get bored. The beautiful mall area and reflecting pool has been the sight of many gatherings, demonstrations and historic events over the years. And each of those was viewed in silent dignity by the statue of Abraham Lincoln from inside the elegant Lincoln Memorial at the far end of the reflecting pool. As an American, this is not just federal land, this is YOUR land and you are free to enjoy the setting at your leisure, dip your finger in that historic pool, lean against a tree that a great diplomat who meets in one of those buildings may have leaned against and even have a picnic at this the center of the universe for America. So take in the sights, plan some days for the wonderful Smithsonian museum and come away with a new appreciation for this great sightseeing spot, Washington D. C., the center of the universe

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