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Kansas City Here I Come

Kansas City Here I Come

When we think of really terrific destinations to find great sights and experiences, we somehow tend to think of the coasts of America. And to be sure, from the California to Washington State to the eastern seaboard, these states boast some of the most exciting vacation destinations we have in this country. But itís never a good idea to overlook the wonderful locations located dead center in the middle the country for that experience of the Midwest that will be as unique as your trip to Boston or San Francisco.

Kansas City boasts a robust Midwest culture that is both boisterously western and very metropolitan as well. It is actually a beautiful city that is filled with fabulous art that is on display literally anywhere you can turn. The city fathers made sure that art was a big part of how the city grew up and you will see interesting and skillfully made art sitting in the middle of a garden, off the side of the road or in an out of the way place all over Kansas City.

But no trip to Kansas City is complete without enjoying the amazing tastes of what is possibly the best steak and barbeque in the entire country. Kansas City sits directly on the route of the Cumberland trail. If you remember your history well, you know that in the days of the early west, the Cumberland trail was used by cattlemen to drive herds of cattle up to the markets of Kansas City, Omaha and other great merchant stops to be sold and shipped out via railroad or by barge to be meals for consumers all over the country in the world. Small wonder that it is Kansas City is the home of chefs who know better than anyone does how to prepare beef that will literally melt in your mouth. Some have said the quality of meat you will get in a fine Kansas City restaurant is so good that you wonít even have to use your teeth to eat it.

Kansas City is also home to some great historic stops. Just a few miles away from the city center, you can visit the inspiring Harry S. Truman Library and Museum. You can walk through the notes and pictures of the term of this great president and get a feel for what he went through as he made decisions that shaped the history of this great nation. And donít be surprised if you will find your kids not bored at all but completely enthralled with the story of the life of this historic American president. And itís likely if they take back some mementos from their visit, they will probably get extra credit in school for taking the time to enjoy this wonderful stop in Independence Missouri.

But Kansas City is also all about fun. For the kids, Kansas City has some of the best water parks in the country. You can drop them off for a day of fun and the adults can take in some of the exciting casinos that have sprung up along the river for some pleasant adult time of recreation as well. Then that night, everybody can gather at a Kansas City Royals baseball game and take in Americaís pastime, eat a few hot dogs and enjoy one of the best baseball parks in the nation. Whether the Royals win or lose doesnít matter. Itís a thrill to go to a major league game and it will be a memory the kids will be talking about for months, maybe years to come after you finish your trip to Kansas City Missouri.

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